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Change Log

  • Reworked the entire parser to use common mark for the additions like colors, instead of regex, which results in a good performance boost, plus removes the previous limitations.
  • Colors and formats will carry through different nodes and even lines.
  • Reworked the FormatOptions into MessageOptions and simplified it a bit.
  • Added support for legacy formats (&l, etc).
  • Added support for Kyori's Adventure.
  • Separated project into modules, Bukkit and Adventure.
  • Added Format.ALL and Format.NONE.
  • Removed many unnecessary parts of Commonmark.
  • Made possible to have ponctuation and spaces after opening and closing formats, for example: ** BOLD **making it completely more true to Discord's syntax.
  • Moved project to personal repository instead of Maven Central.
  • Added WIP experimental ReplaceableNode to allow injecting custom text in the middle of a message.
Last modified 3yr ago