Change Log


  • GUIs no longer require a plugin instance.

  • Item NBT now caches reflection, should improve performance.

  • ItemBuilder's glow should work correctly when removing the glow.

  • Fixed updateTitle bug where the title would not update correctly.

  • Fixed updating issues causing concurrent modification exception when more than 1 player had the GUI open.

  • Updated XMaterials.

  • Refactored the ItemBuilder to be more idiomatic.

  • Better GUI validation for slots, the exception will be more descriptive.

  • Added GuiTypes which allow you to have different InventoryTypes, like Workbech, Hopper, etc.

  • Added Material constructor to GuiItem.

  • Fixed filler not being able to fill top and bottom correctly and not being able to use multiple filling at the same time.

  • GUI will no longer open if the player is asleep, due to it not triggering the InventoryClickEvent.

  • PaginatedGUI's nextPage and prevPage have been replaced with next and previous.


  • Added setNbt to the item builder.


  • Update page item (ItemStack) now applies NBT like it should.

  • Page size is no longer required, it'll be dynamically adjusted based on the empty spaces of the inventory.


  • Update item (ItemStack) now applies NBT like it used to.

  • Changed paginated GUI to no longer need to reopen on page change (should boost performance slightly).

  • Added null validation for the GUI Items.


  • Paginated GUI fix.

  • NextPage and PrevPage methods now return a boolean.

  • Get next page number no longer returns -1 if page doesn't exist, instead returns the current page number.

  • Item Glow on ItemBuilder now requires a boolean.

  • Added getPageItems, getCurrentPageItems and updatePageItem.


  • Added setLore method with List instead of varargs.


  • Add item fix for paginated GUI.

  • Fixed fill border bug with max size GUI.


  • Restructured the GUIs and separated them in different ones with GuiBaseas the main class.

  • Added PaginatedGui - Thanks Gaby.

  • Added PersistentGui.

  • Added XMaterials for better version support.

  • Changed ItemBuilder's skull method to use XMaterials and Mojang's methods.

  • Added auto update to the GUI - Thanks Harolds.

  • Added close method to the GUI.

  • Made methods to ensure GUI items can't be removed from the GUI.


  • Fixed problems cause by previous update.

  • Replaced player skull by texture from the ItemBuilder to use reflection instead of NMS methods.


  • Finally released.

  • Changed setFillItem to fill.

  • Added fillBorder, fillTop, fillBottom and filling with multiple items, special thanks to Harolds.


  • Small changes and code clean up.


  • First beta version.

  • Added all the main features.