Change Log


  • The message handler's send message method is now available in the command classes.

  • Added onRegister method to the CommandBase where you can use the setAliases to register aliases from file without using annotations.

  • Removed unnecessary exceptions.

  • Fixed "lack of enum check" when checking for parameter types.

  • Added Console only type commands, by using ConsoleCommandSender as the first parameter.


  • Commands can now be registered in the plugin.yml file without causing any problems.

  • Tab completions will be "colored" when added automatically, for example: Adding a list containing `&` will make it be colored.


  • Fix problem where using parameter completions, the check was inverted.


  • Did an overhaul on the parameter types registering and handling to be cleaner and easier to understand. Important it no longer returns an Object array but anTypeResultobject, this is for much easier handling and understanding, updated it here.

  • Added default support for Boolean ,boolean , and World types.

  • Added SyntaxErrorexception that you can throw inside the command method which will trigger the Wrong Usage message.

  • Changed handling of the methods so the errors caused by the command method are easier to read and find the problem, it'll no longer point it to the command handler but to the method itself.

  • Fixed issue where wrong usage message wasn't being sent.

  • Fixed issue where wrong usage message was being doubled while using the annotation with an ID.

  • Removed the first argument from the list provided to the CompleteFor method which had the SubCommand name, now it'll only be the raw arguments the player is typing.

  • Fixed problems with the #range completion where it was causing errors.


  • Added option to register multiple commands in the same call.


  • Added @Values annotation.

  • Fixed problem where command completion wasn't being registered correctly causing an error on startup.


  • Big code clean up.

  • Fixed annotation typo.

  • Removed unintentional debug messages.

  • Better checks for the restricted usages.


  • Added @CompleteFor and @WrongUsageand it's usages.

  • Removed @MaxArgs and @MinArgs due to being virtually unnecessary.

  • Fixed problems with hide tab complete not working properly.

  • Added option to default tab complete on the CommandManager constructor.

  • Renamed artifact id tomatt-framework because it looks better.

  • Code clean up and some structural improvements.

  • Compiling with Spigot1.15.1.


  • Commands are no longer case sensitive.

  • Added @Optional parameter annotation, which allows you to create optional arguments.

  • Added option to hide tab complete for commands players don't have permission for.

  • Many bug fixes.


  • Changed from complex messages and throwing exceptions on parameters to simply returning null, to simplify error handling.

  • Added getArgument(String argumentName) to CommandBase which allows you to retrieve the raw argument typed by the player for custom error messages.

  • Better command handling which will make it faster.

  • Removed default messages for specific errors like

  • Changed messages registration to no longer require the argument.


  • Added Tab completion to default commands.

  • Fixed tab completion errors getting out of index.

  • Fixed out of index errors for subcommands.

  • Fixed sub command giving syntax errors in the presence of a default command with arguments.


  • Fixed @Default as it was broken by previous update.

  • Made it easier to hide tab completion for later.

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