Tab Completion

To handle tab completions using MF you have three ways. With a method annotation, on a direct parameter annotation or using the @CompleteFor annotation. Examples: Method

@Completion({"#players", "#range:1-20"})
public void tabExample(final CommandSender sender, final Player player, final Integer number) {


public void tabExample(final CommandSender sender, @Completion("#players") final Player player, @Completion("#range:1-20") final Integer number) {

On both examples, it'll complete the first argument with a list of online players and the second with numbers from 1 to 20.

Default Completions

By default MF will register the following completions:

  • #players

    • This will complete with a list of all online players.

  • #empty

    • This will complete with nothing, will be blank.

  • #range

    • Range can be used to generate a range of numbers, example #range:20 will be from 1 to 20, #range:0-5 will be from 0 to 5, doing just #range will default to 1 to 10.

  • #enum

    • This will complete with a list of the enum values you have on your parameter, works with any enum.

Registering Completion

Since only the basics are registered by default, you'll probably want to register more, to do so, it's extremely similar to registering a new parameter. Based on the parameters we registered earlier, let's register a list of world names.

commandManager.getCompletionHandler().register("#worlds", input -> {
    return Bukkit.getWorlds().stream().map(World::getName).collect(Collectors.toList());

The first parameter is a string with the completion ID you want, in this case #worlds, don't forget the #. By registering a new completion with the same ID as an existing one, you can override it.


CompleteFor would need to be on a separate method and linked to the sub command you want to tab complete for. This should mostly be used if you want to create very specific tab completions. For example: checking if the first argument is X if so, complete the second argument with Sounds, if first argument is Y complete the second argument with Materials.

public List<String> commandCompletion(final List<String> completionArguments) {
    // Handle the tab completion for the Sub Command "test" here.
    return new ArrayList<>();

Hiding tab completion

You can also set MF to hide tab completion for players that don't have permission to use the commands using the method hideTabComplete.


Alternatively you can just make it by default on your CommandManager constructor on your onEnable method.

CommandManager commandManager = new CommandManager(this, true);

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