Updating to 3.x.x

For a long time now, I've been wanting to rename my libs, as I didn't like the previous name. With this update, this lib will finally be renamed to triumph-gui, and others will be edited shortly after I complete their rewrites. Due to the name change and much-needed reorganization, some packages had to be renamed and/or moved. This means that users will have to reimport a few things.

Adventure: A much needed update. Every GUI and ItemBuilder now supports using Components for title/name.

When using Adventure and using Paper (1.16.5+) you do not need to add anything else to your project as it's already provided by Paper. If you want to support both this and previous versions while still using Adventure, you'll need to shade it.

You can also use plain Strings to work on Spigot and old versions, but it's not recommended, so it has been deprecated.

GUI Builders: Added a convenient way to create GUIs using the builders, it also comes with a few action limiting options, like disabling all clicks, disabling drag, disabling item moving from one inventory to the other, etc. For more check the specific GUI page as it has been updated. You can now also disable certain actions by default, like disableAllInteractions, disableItemPlace, disableItemSwap, and disableItemTake (Big thanks to SecretX for this).

Item Builder: The item builder has changed to be divided by function, the current ItemBuilder.of() will provide all the basic functionalities needed for a common item, for Skulls you can now do ItemBuilder.skull() this has all the skull related methods that used to be present in the old `ItemBuilder` so make sure to change this in your code. More builders for different purposes to come! Many methods in the ItemBuilder have been renamed, for example setName became just name, etc.

XMaterials: I have come to the conclusion to remove it from the lib, it did not make sense to be part of the lib and was only used internally in one situation. You are free to use it independently now, this is better because you can update it and use it at your own will. You can find it here.

Hopper GUI: The hopper GUI does not trigger the click event due to an issue involving InventoryHolder being null, so I decided to temporarily remove it until I can find a better fix.

PersistentGUI: This GUI type was renamed to StorageGui as it makes more sense and it is more descriptive of what it does, the previous name gave the wrong impression that it would keep items after server restart, which it doesn't. Soon I'll be adding support for multiple page storage and easy serialization built in.

Lastly, thank you for using my lib! If you find any issue feel free to open an issue or report to me on my discord!

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